28 September: more than 70 people join us in Adelaide.

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Held on 28 September, 2019 is the fourth year of International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI).


Helping celebrate the day, more than 70 people joined us in Adelaide and online. Adelaide A11y #2 - plain language and Easy Read.

The aim was to find out more about easy read and plain language. Methods of presenting documents, reports and websites that make them easy to read.

Did you know?

  • more than 40% of adults in Australia have very low levels of literacy
  • 18.5% of Australians have a disability - that's 4.25 million people
  • 44% of people have very low levels of computer skills

Easy to read materials help in our day to day communications by:

  • helping connect with a wider audience
  • making online content more accessible for everyone

New resources

To coincide with this event, the Office for Digital Government launched: