accessibility.sa.gov.au features as an 'update of our state' message on Nova 919 Adelaide.

To help spread awareness, in May and June 2019, South Australian Government ran an 'update of our state' message on Nova 919 Adelaide.

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South Australia is just amazing. There's a lot of great things about our state, keep in the know about all things SA (South Australia) with this update of our state.

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Did you know that 1 in 5 Australian's live with a disability?

As the world becomes more digital, everyone deserves to have the same access to online services, inclusive content and digital platforms.

The State Government has released a new toolkit to help digital creators make things accessible online.

The Online Accessibility Toolkit has simple tips and resources that explain accessible language, formatting and design, so you can make your digital content inclusive for everyone.

Visit accessibility.sa.gov.au to learn more


This update of our state message is brought to you by the Government of South Australia.