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Make your written information easier to understand for everyone.

  • Dorota is the Chief Executive of an Australian Government department. Dorota is time-poor and needs to grasp information quickly. Dorota doesn't have time to read complex documents, reports or policies.
  • Kala has a learning disability. Kala needs to be able to understand information about their university admission. People with learning disability need access to all types of information. Not just disability-specific information.
  • Areeb is not fluent in English. Easy read helps Areeb understand important information about a community event.
  • Kris has dyslexia. Kris finds the structure of easy read helps to process information.

Steps to take

  1. Read our introductory guide to easy read. Discover the broad benefits and links to best practice resources.
  2. Use our guide to plain language as an ongoing reference.

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Page last updated: 15 June 2020