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More and more essential services are being accessed online. With that, the importance of digital accessibility and inclusion grows each day.

Our Online Accessibility Toolkit ( is a free publicly available online resource.

Built on a foundation of continuous improvement, this toolkit is designed to:

  • combine policy with practical solutions
  • promote human rights and access to technology
  • grow with feedback received from the global community

The underlying theme is anyone can make a difference and everyone benefits.

Read more about our journey on our 'about' page.

Everyone has a role

Our accessibility for teams section is a great place to start.

With simple steps and links to best practice resources, you'll also learn why inclusive design is so important for:

We're always looking at ways to improve, so if you see something is wrong or out of date, or would like to contribute new content: tell us what you think.

Introductory guides

Start thinking about how people might access and use your online service before you design, build or publish anything online:

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Last update: 21 August 2019, minor update.