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Can you understand key information and perform critical tasks on a mobile device?

  • Miyako just lost her job and has cancelled home internet to stretch the family budget - Miyako now only uses a mobile phone to browse the internet.
  • Reza is recovering from a stroke and slowly relearning how to use his arm - Reza uses a mobile phone to help find information on the web.

Steps to take

  1. Make sure you can reach primary actions easily with either right or left thumbs.
  2. Make touch targets at least 48px. This will allow the target to be tapped by the average adult finger pad, which measures 10mm.
  3. The icons may be smaller and you can work with your developer to extend padding past the icon. In most cases, touch targets are separated by 8px of space or more to ensure users don’t select the wrong action.
  4. Test what it’s like to view your designs through NoCoffee vision simulator (chrome extension) or similar tool.
  5. Watch World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) large links, buttons, and controls video (53 seconds):

  • Transcript and translations: large links, buttons, and controls (W3C)

  • Page last updated: 22 June 2021