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Groups and resources the community has found helpful, inspiring or influential:

The Office for Digital Government team help organise up to 4 'digital inclusion and A11y accessibility' events per year.

Everyone is welcome.

You don't have to work for federal, state or local government, or work on government projects.

Find out more and join our 'digital inclusion and A11y accessibility' meetup group.

Open to all parts of government: federal, state and territory, and local.

Take part in, or start a discussion on a wide range of topics.

Find out more and join the Australian Government communities of practice.

You don’t have to be in an accessibility-related role to join, but you must be working in or with government.

Most people in the group are not accessibility specialists.

You can also join if you want to learn more about accessibility, or if you don’t want to tackle accessibility issues on your own.

Find out more and join the GOV.UK accessibility group.

Page last updated: 22 June 2021