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Are your touch targets large enough and easy to reach?

  • Harold has gigantism due to a pituitary gland tumor during childhood. Harold's large hands make small links, or links that are too close together difficult to tap on a mobile.
  • Rosa checks the latest news on a mobile during her morning commute on a jostling bus, often while sipping from the coffee cup in her other hand.

Steps to take

  1. Make sure you can reach primary actions easily with either right or left thumbs, even on larger phones. Items on the bottom of the screen tend to be easier to reach.
  2. Make touch targets at least 44 px or 10 mm. This will allow the target to be tapped by the average adult finger pad, which measures 10 mm. The icons may be smaller and you can work with your developer to extend padding past the icon. Pay particular attention to how line-height affects touch target size.

Supporting resource

Page last updated: 22 June 2021